CINELIBRI is a film festival for movies based on books. The Whaleworx Studio team was invited to create our personal interpretations of a series of films in the program for 2017. We could derive inspiration for our creative either from the film or its book counterpart. Our work was exhibited in four select movie theaters during the festival and in Sofia's Crystal Garden open exhibition space. Commissioned by Vivacom ArtHall & Colibri. 
T H E  D I N N E R
Inspired by the film by Oren Moverman
R E T U R N  T O  M O N T A U K
Inspired by the film by Volker Schlöndorff
M Y  C O U S I N  R A C H E L (by Roger Michell)
S E N S E  O F  A N  E N D I N G (by Ritesh Batra)
J O D O R O W S K Y ‘ S   D U N E
Inspired by the film by Frank Pavich
E V E R Y  W A L L  I S  A  D O O R
Inspired by the film by Elitsa Georgieva
B E L L E  D E  J O U R (by Luis Bunuel) 
S O M E O N E  T O  R U N  W I T H (by Oded Davidoff)
T H E  B E G U I L E D
Inspired by the film by Sofia Coppola

​​​​​​​CONCEPTS: Emanuela Belovarski & Ivaylo Petrov
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivaylo Petrov / Whaleworx Studio
PRODUCTION: Whaleworx Studio
COSTUME & STYLING: Silvia Vladimirova

MUAH: Marina Mladenova, Iliyana Yarabanova
MODELS: Epifan Pefev, Vesela Babinova
Also featuring Kamen Minkov, Margarita Rangelova, Samuil Spasov