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My journey began in university with filmmaking and visual design. While searching for my voice and mediums, I found photography to be an inspiring playground for small-scale productions, where I could direct imagined characters and stories within a single frame, using portraiture as a canvas for digital and conceptual experimentation. In the process of editing my photos I discovered a love for digital art - what in my work became the essential "next step" that turned documentary photography into something more. For a time I edited my own fragments of reality, adding whatever I couldn't shoot, in post-production. In time I moved away from being the person behind the camera in order to focus more on the creative, and the final stage - the post-production. 

My parallel experience in advertising helped me gain insight into working with clients, budgets, concepts, tight schedules and teams of professionals from all around the creative industry. After a decade of invaluable experience in the field, I founded Whaleworx Studio as a signature collaboration, and continue to direct my passion in productions as Art director and Digital artist. I currently work on a freelance basis, exploring the magical world of visual art each project at a time. 

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All Channels Communication · Huts J. Walter Thompson · Saatchi & Saatchi · Economedia · BBDO · Take a Pixel Studio · Level One Advertising · proof. 
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Best of Advertising: Capital.bg
Lürzer’s International Archive vol. 5+6 2020
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Others: ELLE ⋅ MANAGER ⋅ DIVA ⋅ ДНЕВНИК ⋅ COSMOPOLITAN ⋅ Мултимедиа TV show ⋅ CINELIBRI Film Fest 2017 ⋅ "Beyond the Portrait" exhibition @ Vivacom Arthall 2016

Awards: FARA Advertising Festival 2013, 2014, 2016 & iAB Mixx Awards 2021