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My journey began in university studying visual arts, film & tv directing. While searching for my voice and mediums, I experimented with photography, video editing, graphic design and illustration. Through photography I discovered a passion for digital art, which truly transformed my work. Finding stylistic diversity exciting, and never settling for one visual medium of expression, I found the creative diversity I needed in the dynamic world of advertising. 

Working as graphic designer and later art director in some of the major creative communication agencies in Bulgaria helped me gain insight into workflow with a wide range of brands and creative experts. After a decade of invaluable experience, I founded Whaleworx.Studio - a collective of independent creative professionals, focusing on photography production for ads, arts and culture. I approach each of my projects armed with a passion for craft, creative ideation, research and insights. As a freelancer I've collaborated with different agencies, independent studios, individual artists and production houses. Want to do great things together? Let's Connect!
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