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My journey began in university studying visual arts, film & tv directing. While searching for my voice and mediums, I found photography to be an inspiring playground for small-scale productions, where I could direct imagined characters and stories using portraiture as a canvas for conceptual experimentation. In the process of editing my photos I discovered a true love for digital art, which transformed my work into something more. In time I moved away from being the person behind the shutter in order to focus more on the creative and art direction. 

My multidisciplinary approach found ground in the world of advertising. Working as graphic designer and art director in creative communication agencies helped me gain insight in working with a wide range of clients, budgets, concepts, tight schedules and teams of professionals from all around the creative industry. After a decade of invaluable advertising experience, I founded Whaleworx Studio as a signature collaboration and continue to direct my passion in photography for commercial and artistic projects.  
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