Personal fears are difficult to talk about. Their variety, obscurity and originality are endless. After a personal encounter with mental health issues, I was inspired to talk to different people about their fears, and incorporate this theme in a series of portraits, using a single visual symbol of fear to illustrate it. The images by themselves explore the relationship between the fear and the host.
Desislava Ivanova / Engineering student and art enthusiast
"I'm afraid that no matter how hard I try, I might always have the soul of a follower."​​​​​​​
Ivaylo Essenov / IT support and photography enthusiast
"I'm afraid of the degradation of society and the lack of morals in our political leaders."
Dessislava Zheleva / Bookstore manager and author
"I'm afraid of fading out."
Plamen Pechin / Marketeer and musician 
"I'm afraid of changing to the point where I can no longer recognize myself."
Diana Stoykova / Translator and scriptwriter
"I'm afraid of airplanes, while my greatest dream is to travel the world."
Bobby Petrov / Digital media expert and writer
"I'm afraid of the lack of meaning."
Emanuela Belovarski / Art director
"I'm afraid of the power the past has over our present."
Yordan Dzherekarov / Veterinarian and gamer
"I'm afraid of untimely death."
Antoaneta Grunova / Dermatologist 
"I've got a fear of heights."
Ivaylo Petrov / Photographer
"I'm afraid of sudden changes."

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ivaylo Petrov

My thanks go out to all participants.