Us, the Kids! is an online bookstore that curates the best and most interesting content for children. They sort out the greatest novels not only by relevant themes, but also by age cohorts. After asking a few grown-up kids if they remember their favorite childhood novels, we realized that books shape who we are for life. This is why we created a campaign with a series of time-cutting visuals, which represent the same person reading the same book - with only decades of time in between. The message is simple: What you read now sticks with you forever​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We designed unique covers with artwork by children's book illustrator Mira Miroslavova of the classics Peter Pan & Alice's Adventures in Wonderland:​​​​​​​​​​​
"Children are like white pages, on which the surrounding world writes."

Agency: Together Advertising
Client: Nie, Decata! / Us, the Kids!
Creative Director: Angel Iskrev
Client Service Director: Presiyan Kirilov
Head Of Art: Emanuela Belovarski
Strategist: Kristiyan Stefanov
Account Executive: Ekaterina Mutafchieva
Junior Copywriter: Valentina Dencheva
Producer: Pudding 

Photography: Whaleworx Studio / Ivaylo Petrov
Digital Post-production: Emanuela Belovarski

Book Illustrator: Mira Miroslavova
Director: Kamen Kolarov
DoP: Damian Dimitrov
Stylist & Video Set: Tsveta Dimova
Models: Krasen, Kalina, Nikolay, Victoria, Dimiter